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WMU Cooley Community Service Clinics

Community Service Clinics


At WMU-Cooley, we are committed to nurturing legal scholars who are committing to using their knowledge and experience to serve the broader community. Legal rights protections mean little if community members lack access to legal services. Our community service clinics give you the opportunity to learn important areas of substantive law while providing essential service to those who need it the most. 

Whether in Michigan or Florida, you can put your knowledge to use for the good of your neighbors in the following clinics.

Estate Planning Clinic

Students in the Estate Planning Clinic counsel clients regarding their estate planning objectives and the preparation of Wills, Trusts, and powers of attorney. They also prepare deeds, letters of instruction, organ donation documentation, and deeds for clients as appropriate. Students also learn about guardianships and conservatorships, and are assigned to interview current wards and prepare a final report for the Court.

Debt-Relief Clinic

The Debt Relief Clinic provides debt-related legal assistance on issues arising from past-due medical/hospital bills, loans, predatory lending, unfair/abusive collections practices, and more for under-served individuals in Hillsborough County, Florida. You will have an opportunity to represent clients in transactional matters, alternative dispute resolution, and pre-litigation resolution, all under the supervision of practicing attorneys.