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At WMU-Cooley, we’re proud of our accomplishments, including growing to become the seventh-largest law school in the nation with more than 20,000 graduates around the world. But we never lose sight of the “why” behind everything we do — and that’s you.
We know you can earn a law degree from any number of schools, so we work hard to align our priorities with yours. We believe in:

  • Making You Practice Ready – We help you go beyond the classroom to succeed in your field through clinical or externship programs.
  • Equal Access to Justice – We are committed to making legal services accessible for people of all backgrounds.
  • Embracing Diversity – We provide a legal education to people from all walks of life.
  • No-Cost Application – We welcome you to apply without the hassle of a fee.
  • Supporting Our Military – We meet the educational needs of veterans and active-duty service members.

Our team of admission advisors is ready to answer your questions.

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Start when it's right for you

We operate using a rolling admissions process, so applications are reviewed as they are received. Once Admissions has received all required materials, a decision is made, and you’ll be informed of your status. Students who start classes in September will be on the track for primarily morning classes, students who start in January will primarily be on the afternoon track for classes, and students who start in May will be on the evening or weekend (Lansing Campus Only) track. Admissions decisions are based on your undergraduate credentials, highest LSAT score, and other submitted supplemental information.
WMU-Cooley will review LSAT scores from June and July for fall admission consideration. Please do not wait for your score to file your application and begin the process if you are interested in fall. You can also file your application now for January or May. 

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Ready to apply? Be sure to download our Application Checklist so you’ll be prepared to take the following steps:

  1. Study and take the LSAT
  2. Create an account with LSAC’s Credential Assemble Service
  3. Send your transcript to LSAC for evaluation
  4. Revise your resumé
  5. Write your Personal Statement
  6. Pay for all LSAC-associated application fees
  7. Prepare your Diversity Statement if applicable
  8. Review and submit your application
Apply now. We’re waiting for you.


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